Please first check installation instruction to understand how to install these files on your CPC.


File Version Author Description
UniDOS (source) 1.37 OffseT UniDOS itself.
It includes the DOS node for managing floppy discs1) and tape2).

DOS nodes

For now, only the following DOS nodes exist, but their number should quickly grow as they are really easy to create and then make new hardwares to benefit for all UniDOS great features and strong AMSDOS compatibility.

DOS nodes Version Author Description Drives NVRAM3) RSX4)
Internal - OffseT Node internal to UniDOS ROM which is adding access to floppy disc drives5) and tape6). DFA: internal drive.
DFB: external drive.
TAPE: tape reader.
No -
Albireo (source) 1.20 OffseT Node providing support for the Albireo from PulkoTronics and adding access to integrated microSD card and USB mass storage peripherals. SD: MicroSD reader.
UMS: USB storage.
Yes No
M4 (source) 1.22 OffseT Node providing support for the M4 Board from Duke. It provides access to integrated microSD card, FTP network drive, as well as a library to store DSK files7), CPR files8) and SNA files9) which can be manipulated through additional RSX. Commandes to manage WIFI connection and integrated Romboard are also available. M4: MicroSD reader.
FTP: FTP network drive.
DSK: DSK reader.
Yes Yes
FatFs - Base FatFs - IDE FatFs - Format (source) 1.22 OffseT
based on FatFs
Node providing support for FAT file system10) for drives plugged on a X-Mass, a Symbiface II or any other compatible IDE interface.

Caution, this node uses severals ROMs and installation procedure requires more attention than for other nodes.

Please note that if the Nova from PulkoTronics is detected, this node will automatically take advantage of it to save some precious main memory.
IDE: 1st FAT partition. Yes No
Nova (source) 0.10 OffseT Node providing support for the Nova from PulkoTronics and which is implementing a true non volatile memory with high efficiency. None Yes No
Zero (source) 1.10 OffseT Node providing a drive which is able to generate on-the-fly file of any size and any “empty” contents11). ZERO: empty files. No No

Other ROMs

File Version Author Description
Patched firmware « u5 » (dansk)
Patched firmware « u5 » (french)
Patched frmware patché « u5 » (spanish)
Patched firmware « u5 » (english)
3 Amstrad Ltd.
Locomotive Software Ltd.
Patch by OffseT
The CPC6128 firmware ROM patched to handle UniDOS at ROM slot 5 et allowing a full compatibility with softwares normally unable to run when UniDOS is not using ROM slot 7 (instead of the internal AMSDOS).

To be used only on CPC6128 when you cannot install UniDOS instead of internal AMSDOS (at ROM slot 7).
With this patched firmware, UniDOS shall be installed in RO slot 5.
Installing a new firmware requires a ROM extension supporting this feature such as the X-Mem for instance.

Pratically, this patched version includes three different patches:
- During CPC6128 boot, ROM at slot 7 is always the first to be initialized so that its memory allocation is always located at address &A7000 (even if ROMs are installed in slots 8 to 15).
- When a software request to reinitialize the ROM at slot 7 (where AMSDOS is expected), ROM slot 5 (where UniDOS is installed) is initialized instead12).
- The boot message is slightly modified13).
ParaDOS 1.2 Richard Wilson The famous ParaDOS ROM from Richard Wilson which provides support for double sided and 80 tracks floppy discs.
To install ideally instead of AMSDOS at ROM slot 7 or, if not possible, at ROM slot 6.
Patched ParaDOS 1.2 Richard Wilson
Patch by OffseT
The famous ParaDOS ROM from Richard Wilson patched to be able to work in any slot number14).
Caution, this version is designed to work exclusively when no AMSDOS ROM is installed at all: typically, when UniDOS is installed in ROM slot 7 (instead of AMSDOS), you should install this ParaDOS patched version at ROM slot 15.
Utopia 1.26 Arnor Ltd. The must to have multi-tool ROM .
To be installed in a ROM slot greater than UniDOS.

Secondary tools

File Version Author Description
BENCH.BAS 1.0 OffseT Small benchmark program to check read and write performance on the current drive.

AmigaOS, MorphOS, Windows and Linux softwares

File Version Author Description
UniDOS-Cartridge-Creator for MorphOS
UniDOS-Cartridge-Creator for AmigaOS 3.x
UniDOS-Cartridge-Creator for AmigaOS 4.x
UniDOS-Cartridge-Creator for Windows 64 bits
UniDOS-Cartridge-Creator for Windows 32 bits
UniDOS-Cartridge-Creator for Linux
1.4 OffseT Tool to create Amstrad Plus cartridges equipped with a patched firmware which allows to add UniDOS and its DOS nodes.

You can furthermore configure up to 30 additional tool ROMs (such as Utopia, Maxam, Protext..) in the cartridges (compatible with ParaDOS and Burnin' Rubber) without requiring a real ROM board.

The tool also let you automatically download the latest UniDOS ROMs from the official web site.

Please note:
- AmigaOS and MorphOS version are requiring AmiSSL version 4
- Windows 32 bits version is compatible with Linux (through Wine).
automatically activated when AMSDOS/ParaDOS ROM is detectée
automatically activated if a tape interface is available
non volatile memory support
the ROM also provides RSX and shall be installed in a slot lower than 16 instead of 32 for other nodes without RSX
only if AMSDOS/ParaDOS ROM is installed
except on 6128plus when tape interface is not available
floppy disc images from CPC emulators
Amstrad Plus cartridges images from Plus emulators
snapshots usually created on CPC emulators
FAT12, FAT16 or FAT32
similar to EMPTY: on Amiga or /dev/zero on UNIX
except if this initialization is requested from ROM 5 itself, it that special case the real ROM 7 is initialized
the text “128K” before “Amstrad” is removed and a tag “u5” is added a the end of the line
more over, the ROM name was fixed to avoid the crash when it was used as RSX from Basic, and the prompt message was removed to avoid memory trashing during late reinitializations