The new versatile DOS for Amstrad CPC and Amstrad Plus.
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UniDOS is a response to the numerous CPC expansion cards which are adding new peripherals (microSD card readers, IDE interfaces, USB ports…).

Instead of having to deal with multiple ROMs, each one handling one single expansion card, each one having its own ergonomy and compatibility flaws, UniDOS provides one unique way to access all your peripherals in a unified and standardized manner!


UniDOS is strongly compatible with the legacy AMSDOS whilst handling new peripherals through plugins which are called “DOS nodes”.

Up today, the following peripherals are supported:


For any question regarding UniDOS, feel free to ping us on #cpc-fr channel (IRC channel hosted by Libera.Chat).

UniDOS was created by Philippe 'OffseT' Rimauro with support from PulkoMandy and other sceners such as AsT, CloudStrife, No Recess, Zik, Chany and hERMOL.