Here is the list of the main changes between versions of UniDOS and DOS nodes.

Version 1.50

  • UniDOS: reworked activation and deactivation system (removed RSX |DOS and disabled |DISC and |TAPEin favor of a new RSX |AMSDOS).
  • UniDOS: changed keys to be pressed to reinitialize the non volatile memory (CONTROL+SHIFT instead of CONTROL alone).
  • UniDOS: improved |NODE RSX.
  • UniDOS: added time and date handling as well as a RSX |LIST which displays last modification date of files and directories.
  • UniDOS: improved initialization scheme of DOS nodes.
  • UniDOS: added support for Basic and binary protected files.
  • UniDOS: added new BIOS routines cmd_examine and cmd_examine_next to get détaille information about files and directories.
  • UniDOS: added a new BIOS routine cmd_is_active_dosnode to probe DOS nodes status.
  • UniDOS: added new DOS node access routines related to real time clock management.
  • UniDOS: added a mechanism to allow access to RSX of all DOS nodes (even if they are extension ROMs ou background ROMs beyond slot 15).
  • UniDOS: improved overall AMSDOS compatibility
  • UniDOS: optimized speed access to floppy disc drives.
  • UniTools node: added a RSX |HELP to list installed ROM and |WHERE to locate RSX.
  • UniTools node: added a mechanism to deactivate developper tool ROMs with the related RSX |DEVTOOLS.ON and |DEVTOOLS.OFF.
  • Nova node: added real time clock management (both read and write).
  • M4 node: added real time clock management (read only).
  • M4 node: turned into an extension ROM instead of a background one.
  • All nodes: added last modification time and date handling for files and directories.

Version 1.40

  • UniDOS: Added a |CAT RSX which list directories first and colored them.
  • UniDOS: Optimized cold boot detection routine.
  • UniDOS: Added a flag register at DOS nodes initialization.
  • UniDOS: Fixed a bug in soft end emulation for files smaller than 128 bytes.
  • UniTools node: New node which supports automatic startup on bootable devices and provides an improved ZERO: drive.
  • Zero node: Removed node in favor of UniTools.
  • Albireo node: Added support for a second Albireo plugged at the same time.
  • All nodes: Better drives built-in description.

Version 1.38

  • UniDOS: Fixed BIOS routines cmd_cas_out_seek and cmd_cas_out_write which did not work as expected.
  • UniDOS: Activated ASCII soft end of file emulation everytime and removed related BIOS routine cmd_emulate_soft_eof.
  • UniDOS: Fixed a bug which made BIOS routines cmd_enabled_sort_dir_first and cmd_disabled_directory to alter both options at the same time.
  • UniDOS: Fixed an AMSDOS compatibilté issue when file extension is prefixed with spaces.
  • UniDOS: Removed ability for a DOS node to modify default assignation of logical drives.
  • M4 node: Allowed execution of cartridges on Amstrad CPC and not only on Amstrad Plus.
  • All nodes: Removed code related to modification of default assignation of logical drives.

Version 1.37

  • UniDOS: Fixed CAS OUT CLOSE to allow creation of files even if CAS OUT CHAR was never called after CAS OUT OPEN (better AMSDOS compatility).
  • M4 node : Added physical drive FTP: and the related RSX |FTP (please read the M4 node documentation to know about the applied restrictions).

Version 1.36

  • UniDOS: The “new API” flag from BIOS routine cmd_device_info is now set automatically (it do not rely on DOS nodes DOSNode_GetStatus routine any more).
  • UniDOS: Fixed BIOS routine cmd_device_list to return with Carry=1 in case of success.
  • UniDOS: Added a BIOS routine cmd_enabled_sort_dir_first to request CAS_CATALOG to sort directories prior to files (by default directories and files are mixed for compatibility reason because of some softwares relying on a strict alphabetic order).

Version 1.35

  • UniDOS: Fixed a bug with ROM overlay during du CAS_IN_CHAR.
  • UniDOS: Fixed a bug in BIOS routine cmd_cas_in_read when less than &80 bytes were read from an ASCII file.
  • UniDOS: Modfified the behavior of the BIOS routine cmd_cas_in_read in case of binary files (file headers is not skipped anymore, which makes cmd_cas_in_read usage symetrical to cmd_cas_in_write to provide a more generic handling of all file types).
  • FatFs node: Improved intialization sequence when Nova is detected (more robust in case of wrong ROMs installation and more system friendly regarding interrupts).
  • FatFs node: Modified cross-ROM call routine to be more system friendly.

Version 1.34

  • UniDOS: Fixed error handling in case a DOS node fails to initiate a catalog.

Version 1.33

  • UniDOS: Improved error handling in case of routines which are not supported by DOS nodes.
  • UniDOS: Fixed minor issue in the internal routine managing iteration over files (without any impact for existing nodes).
  • Nœud M4: Initial version.

Version 1.32

  • UniDOS: Added Hackit compatibility.
  • UniDOS: Added error report when |COPY targets a non existing directory.
  • FatFs node: Removed “disk cache” mode (it was too slow and prevented some future improvements).
  • FatFs node: Added automatic support to the Nova when detected (in its presence FatFs node do not use main memoy at all).
  • FatFs node: Moved temporary working buffers to provide a better compatibility (hacks which are initializing disc ROM at addresses conflicting with Basic now also work with FatFs node).

Version 1.31

  • UniDOS: Fixed double sided and 80 tracks support from ParaDOS.
  • UniDOS: Fixed aregression when failing to close fils handled by AMSDOS/ParaDOS ROM.

Version 1.30

  • UniDOS: Added RSX |LOAD, |SAVE and |SAVEA similar to the ones which were provided by ROMs from Arnor Ltd.
  • UniDOS: Internal simplifications.
  • Nœud Nova  Initial version.

Version 1.20

  • UniDOS: |REN not provides the ability to move files (and directories) from a direcotry to another (when the related physical drive is compatible).
  • UniDOS: Added new error codes related to renaming.
  • Albireo and FatFs nodes: Upgraded DOSNode_Rename routine.

Version 1.11

  • UniDOS: Changed file type for symbolic links to avoid a conflict with text documents of Protext.
    If you had symbolic links created by an UniDOS previous version, you will have to recreate them, old ones will not work anymore.
  • UniDOS: Fixed a regression non volatile memory handling when |DISC was used.
  • UniDOS: Fixed a regression with unwanted assignation mismatch between drives A: and B:.

Version 1.10

  • UniDOS: Added TAPE: drive which supports tapes.
  • UniDOS: Added RSX |FORMAT and |NODE.
  • UniDOS: Fixed internal memory handling.
  • Albireo node: Optimisations.
  • FatFs node: Initial version.

Version 1.00

  • UniDOS and DOS nodes: Initial version.